An RPG for a story that I'm writing. Not published, so no one will know what the book is about unless they RP.
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Jessa Chrysaor



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 Site Plots

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PostSubject: Site Plots   Mon Jul 28, 2008 1:03 pm

Okay as of recently this site does not have a definite, set in stone plot line, that everyone must follow. Which makes the site much more open, and free to have things happen. Less restriction. I will give a brief overview of what I'm talking about. We will have vampires, werewolves, and humans. And pretty much this will be a role play that takes place in Cheyenne, Wyoming, based on the story I am writing and hope to get published eventually. We have pretty much the same character ages, as other sites. Most people are high school age, though it may vary. Events will take place from time to time, school happenings, town events, and many more things to RP about. Just have fun with it! We will create our own plot, with our RP's. If you have any questions please PM me. Otherwise Have Fun Role Playing.

Current "Plot-like" site status: No plot in progress.

Up coming "Plot-like" site status: Jessa starts to fall for Skull, but then killings start up about the time Skull's uncle comes to town. She thinks it's Skull trying to blow off some steam and frustration from his uncle. But she does some digging and finds out it's not Skull killing people...

and all evidence points to Arthur. But is Arthur really the murderer? And how many others are behind these atrocities?

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Site Plots
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